Thursday, October 1, 2009

The child care at the family place is a good place for babies to be. As a mother of one of the babies in the child care I am very pleased with the staff and other moms in the child care. The Families Learning Together program has made a difference in my life....before I started coming to the family place, I just sat at home...I didn't have any friends that I could go visit because I had my first baby before I got out of high school. I ended up dropping out and coming to the family place shortly after my first child was born. This is my third year in The Families Learning Together program. I wasn't sure if I was going to come back this year, but after having my second child, I decided this is where I wanted to be...The Families Learning Together program helped me get my GED...Then I attended a semester at the Community College of Vermont. I am attending the family place in hope to pursue going to New England School of Hair Design. The Family Place is a great place. We are our own little community (family). It is a very comfortable place.

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  1. ♥I would have to agree with u a hundred percent! The FLT program has given me alot of support. I moved to this area when i had my daughter to live with my boyfriend. This transition was and still is very hard for me. When ur at home taking care of a child and not attending school, it is hard to socialize and meet new people. FLT has not only brought me closer to people my age who have the same kind of problems and goals as me but has and still is helping me finish high school. They have helped me get my license and help me sooooo much with learning how to understand my child more and the development she is at. If it wasnt for this program i dont no where i would be today! I definatly want to thank everyone who has helped me throughout this struggle and that contiue to help me. And not only to the staff and caseworkers that show me the way but to the other participants. Luv ya all!!!♥