Wednesday, October 28, 2009

♥Hey Bowling Buddies!
I had an awesome time on Tuesday! Especially when
We went bowling! It rocked monkeys!! I have to admit that in the last game
Someone a little older than I Whipped my butt!
I'm All for the "older" People kicking the younger peoples butt's!
but any whoooo,
Over the weekend i hung out with a friend and watched Twilight!
I'm in♥with it now!!
I think we should have a field trip to watch the new one next month because
I believe that the movie would be very educational! and we would learn ALOT!
So,.. yea there's a hint for the "Officials" that should be reading this to make sure i wasn't being
bad on here and writting inappropriate things!:)
So, yea....
Sometime soon me and some of the girls here are going shopping!, so we still need to figure out when either this weekend or next week but we'll have fun either way! So anyone who wants to come let one of us girls no and we'd love to have you!:) The more the merrier!
Tomarrow is FLT so I'll see ya all tomarrow and we will be awesome and cause a havoc for the people in charge!:)
Also, i almost forgot,
I want to tell a classmate who accompanied me to the family forum on tuesday night that she did an awesome job telling her story! and im proud of her cuz i no how nervous she was! But we didn't and it all worked out!
also, I no how nervous my "french boss women" (lol) was and she did an awesome job too!!
The Family Forum was a good experience for me. I was soo honored that I was one of the two people asked to speak and tell my story! It makes me feel like I am doing things right which is always good to be reassured when you can be doubtful! So thank you!!
But enough of me rambling on,
♥you all like family!


  1. You both did a fabulous job at the Family Forum. Both of you have come a long way and really used FLT to help you grow and meet your goals. Your stories are very compelling and touching.

    (And, yes, I enjoyed demonstrating my bowling expertise on Tuesday LOL. . . . And we'll have to give some thought to the educational benefits of Twilight.)

  2. LOL! Yes think long and hard and if you need any help finding the educational part me and some of the other girls would be more than willing to help you find it! So,.. yea!.......

    did i mention at all that Twilight is very educational and we should go see the new one when it comes out???

    Just a

    Oh yea! And who ever's decision it is about going looked very b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l on thursday! (this is not a suck-up attempt!)